"Moldavanka" at a wedding in "Bakinskyi"

On October 12, at 20:40, the former first deputy head of the National Police of Ukraine, Vyacheslav Abroskin (recently appointed rector of Odessa State University of Internal Affairs),  has hyped the web when he reported about an event which he thought to have happened in the domestic crime world.

The rattler which he shared on Facebook was picked up by leading Ukrainian and later Russian online publications. With reference to Abroskin, the media was flooded with reports of a brazen beating and, most importantly, the so-called “discrowning” of Andrii Nedzelskyii - the so-called "thief in law".

Here is how the police general presented the circumstances of the situation which took place on October 12: “The three “thieves in law” have just deprived Andrii known by the nickname “Niedielia/Lvivskyi” of this status in Kyiv at the “celebrations” on the occasion of a wedding in the family of Oleh “Bakinskyi”. After that, they were badly beaten and thrown out of the territory.

Vyacheslav Abroskin

October 12 at 20:40

“The three “thieves in law” have just deprived Andrii known by the nickname “Niedielia/Lvivskyi” of this status in Kyiv at the “celebrations” on the occasion of a wedding in the family of Oleh “Bakinskyi”. After that, they were badly beaten and thrown out of the territory.

The laws of any country may be broken, according to the “thieves in law” – except the laws of their own life.

In general, it is very good that there will be one less leader of a criminal group in our country.

It is impossible to climb a mountain without going all the way; there will definitely be a fall. This dude did not feel it; it always has been and will be this way, and this law is exactly for everyone”.

Later, the ex-deputy head of the National Police added that the attack on Nedzelskyi was the results of the attack of three thieves - Umka Dniprovskyi (Serhii Oliinyk), Nodar Rustavskyii (Nodary Asoian) and Dato Krasnodarskyi (Davyd Ozmanov).

This awareness of the general circumstances at first glance of a minor event caused a real admiration from the "grateful public". The media began to "taste" the incident from different sides, in parallel, paying tribute to the awareness of the intricacies of the criminal world by Abroskin. Unfortunately, they have all ignored the information about the "criminal insider" of Vyacheslav Vasyliovych, which is extremely important for an objective analysis of the situation.

Because really, and how can the university rector find out some details of the "thieves in law" fight in the Kyiv hotel in real-time mode and even with such an interpretation of its finale, which benefits one of the parties to the confrontation? But does the general sympathize with someone in the conflict of the criminal world, inciting society to idealize certain clans of criminals? The answers to these questions are not as straightforward as someone may think.

What actually happened on October 12 in the center of the capital between representatives of the criminal world, what does the suspicion of the close connection of the vast majority of "thieves" with the law enforcement, and whether the node of the conflict will aggravate the criminal situation in Ukraine – find out with Detective-Info.


A wedding without a fight is just money down the drain

Let's start with the well-known circumstances, which were already partly covered in the press from different sides, and then we will introduce the main participants of the stage, the first act of which was played at the five-star Fairmont hotel in Kyiv.

First of all, we should mention the host of the holiday – Oleh Krapivin, who is known by certain media as the criminal authority under the nickname "Bakinskyi" (including the infamous “Myrotvorets”project).

Official sources depict him more delicately, identifying Krapivin as a successful entrepreneur, world champion in wrestling, honored master of sports and honored trainer of the former USSR, as well as a valid chairman of the "Congress of Kyiv Azerbaijanis".

In parallel with Kyiv, there are rumors that, over the past few years, Bakinskyi has been in sharp opposition to the Azerbaijan-based "thief in law" nicknamed "Guli" (Nadir Salifov) due to commercial misunderstandings. This circumstance is in some ways characteristic and significant, since, in turn, Guli has a good relationship with another participant in the events of October 12, Nodar Rustavskyi. As a result, it was speculated, after all, that Krapivin did not use the initiators of the "thieving rebellion" attempting to know about his enmity with Salifov.

Noting this nuance, let us focus on another issue: who was present during the celebration of Bakinskyi daughter's wedding? It is known that he invited both officials and businessmen to the hotel, as well as all the "stars" of the criminal world of Ukraine. These are the real "thieves" Andrey Nedzelskyi ("Niedielia"), Georgy Lobzhanidze ("Kutsu"), Georgy Khmelidze ("Khmelo"), Vladimir Dribnyi ("Poltava"), Valeryi Sheremet ("Sharik"), Serhii Oliinyk ("Umka"), Nodari Asoyan ("Nodar"), Serhii Lysenko ("Liora") and more. Some of these people did not come to the event at all, some of them appeared already during the scandal, not being able to clearly "enjoy the spectacle" ...

Detective-Info managed to get to know about the further events with the help of the hotel staff. So at about 7 pm at the event, a group of people separated from the total mass of guests. These were Niedielia, Nodar, Umka and the invited guest Dato Krasnodarskyi (David Ozmanov); these have taken the elevator and went upstairs.

These four came into apartment 1016 on the tenth floor, which had been booked in advance by the "thief in law’s" Serhii Hlonti longtime comrade, nicknamed "Huga" - Levan Keidia.

A few minutes later, the godfather of Nedzelskyi and one of the honorary guests of the wedding, Yuri Yerynyak, entered room 1016 as well. The latter is known in the narrow circle by the nickname "Moldovan", which was given to him because of his ethnic origin.

Soon Moldovan with the euphoria showing on his face left the room. And after a while Ozmanov walked out into the aisle with traces of fighting on clothes, together with Umka holding on to an injured head and Asoyan with the shirt torn on the chest.

Later on, new visitors came to room 1016. Among them, in particular, the old-timer of the thieves world "Khmelo" (Heorgiy Khmelidze) and the "thief" known in the narrow circles by the nickname "Kutsu" (Heorhii Lobzhanidze). They hid behind closed doors together with “Niedielia”. Then came the three of them: first followed by Lobzhanidze and Khmelidze, followed by Nedzelskyi with a jacket thrown over his head, thus concealing a broken nose.

That is, it is quite understandable that there was a hand-to-hand fight with mutual blows to each other and certain health consequences between the "thieves" in the room. However, the message from General Abroskin that “Niedielia” was allegedly thrown outside the hotel was not true.

Please note that the exact time at the moment was 21:00. This is very important, because at that moment, almost immediately after Umka, Dato and Nodar left room 1016, specifically at 20:40 (that is, when Niedielia was still in the apartments and his opponents have left the battlefield) Facebook's audience "exploded" with a lively discussion of General Abroskin's message, where he summed up the conflict, frankly taking Ozmanov, Oliinyk and Asoyan’s side. At least, when he claimed that Nedzelskyi's "discrowning" was an established fact.

Note that the ex-deputy head of the National Police has made this "sentence" for "Niedielia" according to all the rules and traditions of the criminal world - with putting a cross on the face of "Lvivskyi" in the general photo of the so-called "thieves in law" and individual criminal authorities currently staying on the territory of Ukraine.

Rivalry in a criminal environment creates animosity

According to a Detective-Info source at the law enforcement agencies, misunderstandings between Niedielia and some professional criminals have intensified since the introduction of more stringent anti-law enforcement agents in the former USSR, nearest countries and the European Union countries. Post-factum to Ukraine, which became a target for the "crowned" criminals - in the vast majority from the Russian Federation and Georgia – mainly because of the passivity of domestic security forces in confrontation with persons who support thievery ideology.

This tendency was expected to raise the issue of the redistribution of material goods between the various "thieves in law" clans.

However, the actual "Ukrainian realities" have been imposed on an even larger and long-lasting conflict between the "old" and "new" representatives of the criminal world in Russia and Europe (it originates from the arrest of a “thief in law” Zakharii Kalashov in Spain, nicknamed "Shakro Young").

For some time, it was thought that some of the controversy was removed during one of the largest "gatherings" that took place on January 6, 2015 in Armenia. The Ukrainian criminal world was represented at this event by Liora and Niedielia.

In particular, then the "grandmasters" decided to end the conflicts in the criminal world, and in parallel - to give a kind of "lustration" most "young" "thieves in law", among which were some participants in the events of October 12 in Kyiv Fairmont hotel.

In the light of further developments, it can be stated that even the “Solomon’s” decision of the "big meeting" in Armenia did not stop the hostility within the criminal world in Ukraine. In 2017, two groups of opponents began to emerge. The most status representative of the first of them was "Niedielia", the opposite position was taken by a group led by "Nodar".

It is known that the issues between these esteemed gentlemen were discussed at the Ukrainian criminal meeting more than two years ago. At that time, 11 "thieves in law" gathered in Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, but the dialogue never took place.

Primarily because Umka never responded to the invitation to Lavra. Asoyan did not arrive at the Kyiv meeting as well… Further events showed that the hatred between Nedzelskyi on the one hand and the Nodar and Oliinyk’s group on the other had not been buried since. This is what led to the confrontation at the Fairmont Hotel room.


The drama on the stage of room 1016

Sources from both sides confirm that the conversation in the room initially escalated.

Niedielia was asked about his attitude to Moldovan. The "thief" said that he was only a child’s godfather, but nothing more. In the criminal environment, there is such a version - as if Nedzelskyi's relations with Yeryniak deteriorated because the latter tried to enlist the support of the "community" and, according to the majority interests, to "seize and divide" the assets of well-known builder Vagif Aliyev by charging him 174 USD million.

If it hadn't, but Niedielia’s answer as for "Moldovan" seemed to have delighted the "directors" of the thievery drama in the room of the Fairmont Hotel, for immediately afterwards they invited the "authority" who performed one of the main parties on October 12.

In particular, using the words of Yerynyak, Lvivskyi’s opponents accused him of violating the most stringent norm of behavior of thieves - cooperation with the authorities. The reason for this was, firstly, the Moldovan’s story about his personal presence at a meeting of Nedzelskyi with the law enforcement officers. Moreover, during such negotiations, the "thief in law" allegedly asked for their support in the confrontation with "Nodar Rustavskyi".

The second accusation for “Niedielia” was made by Asoyan himself. He recalled the story of his detention by Kyiv police officers in 2016. He also summed up that he considers Nedzelskyi to be involved in this situation.

In turn, Niedielia dismissed all claims of "thieves" and accused his opponents of spying with law enforcement officers on the other hand.

Important detail: From a source related to Umka's environment, Detective-Info learned that the issues in room 1016 were disused together with another "thief in law" - "Huga" who was on the phone with "colleagues".

When the discussion came to a standstill, the crowned criminals with the actors’ agility turned into participants of a professional fight, where the majority of “Niedielia's” opponents and Umka’s sports skills made the drama finale predictable. But they did not keep the Nedzelskyi's face safe, and subsequently had to seek medical help.

Actually, this is the actual finale of the first act of a dramatic performance with the participation of famous actors in a narrow circle, played on the stage at room 1016 that evening. Shooting of the next parts of the action scene was already taking place on other platforms.


Analysis of production by theater critics

Shortly after Nodar Rustavskyi, Dato Krasnodarskyi and Oliinyk left the 10th floor of the Fairmont Grand Hotel, enjoying the taste success of the show with their participation, the action moved from Naberezhno-Khreshchatytska Street to Bohdan Khmelnytskiy Street. Those who missed the "crime premiere," but whose thought will the final review of the discerning viewer depend upon, have arrived to the one of the local restaurants.

In particular, on the evening of October 12, Umka, Asoyan, Ozmanov, and at least several prominent elders, such as “Khmielo”, “Kutsu”, Ramaz Tsikoridze (known as “Ramaz”), gathered at the table in the evening. At this meeting, the kings of the underworld listened to issues that embarrassed the parties to the conflict and summarized the events at the hotel.

Firstly, the so-called "mass of thieves" led by “Khmielo” decided to condemn the actions of “Nodar”, Dato Krasnodarskyi and “Umka”. These benefactors were reminded that appropriate decisions regarding the interpretation of the status and, so to speak, raising the issue of Nedzelskyi's powers were not the prerogative of the participants in the meeting in the hotel room.

That is, now "Niedielia" was and still is a "thief in law" until his (as well as other fighters) issue is resolved by the representation at the general assembly of the masters of the criminal world, the so-called "skhodka" (criminal gathering).

According to the information available, such a large-scale event involving representatives of status in the criminal world is already underway and is about to take place. The most favorable meeting place will be the territory of Turkey, where all the "thieves" who staged a fight in Fairmont will be invited.

Secondly, by now it has been revealed that whatever decision was made at this "staircase", domestic criminals have already issued their own review to one of the main actors, who was the first to perform a solo party during staging in room 1016.

In particular, on October 20, "thieves" and all those who were not indifferent to the fate of "mentor and spiritual father" “Niedielia” gathered in the Kyiv region. As a result of the stormy and emotional discussion of the theatrical talent of Yurii Yeryniak, Moldovan was referred to the representatives of the lowest prison caste.


"Actors, to the stage!" Who performed the leading roles in the crime drama?

Finally, here is a complete list of the actors who starred in the lead roles in the criminal theater.

So, Andrii Niedzielskyi - known as "Niedielia" as well as "Lvivskyi", was born in March 1973 in the capital of Western Ukraine. In the 1990s, he moved to Kyiv, where he began a spurt to the summit of criminal Olympus.

Andrii Niedzielskyi ("Niedielia")

Detective-Info interviewed some law enforcement officials, and they reported that «Lvivskyi" is a socially dangerous person who has been engaged in criminal activity all his life. In particular, in 1991, he was arrested for six months in Ukraine, and later spent one year in prison in Poland and one year in prison in Germany.

A separate topic is violent crimes, of which Niedzielskyi was suspected of committing. He was charged with participating in the shooting of a businessman from Lviv, Igor Kulchytskyi, and later on was on an international wanted list for the murder of Oleksandr Semenov (known as "Katsap"). It was in this case that “Niedielia” was detained by Italian security forces, after which he spent three years behind bars in the Apennines. Subsequently, Nedzelskyi was extradited to Ukraine, but law enforcement officers failed to bring his case of committing particularly serious crimes to a logical result - an indictment.

As it turned out later, it had almost fatal consequences for the whole system of combating organized crime. Since, at last, the criminal element of "Niedielia" was at large, he returned to the closest environment of the influential in Ukraine "thief in law" Serhii Mamiedov ("Mamied").

Mamied (right) and Niedielia

The latter died in November 2011 of gastric cancer. And it was after the death of "Mamied", “Niedielia” as "the most authoritative Ukrainian leader of criminal groups" was granted the right to keep the funds of the thieves from the central region of Ukraine and the city of Kyiv - the so-called "obshchak" (common fund).

Further, on October 28, 2012, at a secret meeting in Greece, about forty "thieves in law" from different clans, on the recommendation of Kutaisi thief David Sebiskveradze ("Kutaisi Dato"), crowned Niedzielskyi, instructing him to keep the thieves' cashier throughout Ukraine.

At the same time, conflicts of the "privileged" representatives of the criminal world of Ukraine have been regularly occurring around Niedielia in recent years.

Nodar Usoyan, known in the narrow circle as "Nodar Rustavskyi", plays a nearly central role in these disputes.

Nodari Asoyan ("Nodar Rustavskyi")

The star of "Nodar" ascended the criminal sky of our state in 2010, when together with "Khmelo" and "Kutsu" he joined the formation of a group that operated in the Donetsk region. After the start of the tragic events in Donbass in 2014, these people moved to Kyiv.

In his homeland - in Russia, Asoyan became known even before his "Ukrainian voyage". In particular, he was charged with committing a number of vexatious crimes, Nodar was on federal wanted list. At present, there are no references in official bases to the presence of claims by Russian law enforcement officers to Asoyan, but he will not rush home.

According to one version, this is facilitated by a whole bunch of unresolved Nodar conflicts with groups of such "thieves in law" as Hela Kardava ("Hela Halsky"), Eduard Asatryan ("Osetrina Starshiy"), Gotcha Alpayidze ("Alfason") and Hilani Aliyev ("Hilani Syvyi").

Please note, that in 2014, Asoyan was banned from entering the territory of Ukraine, but the thief was not expelled. On the contrary, the law enforcement officers tell a strange story about the detention of "Nodar" earlier this year in one of the most prestigious restaurants in the capital - "Caravan".

The wide public learned about this event thanks to all the same Vyacheslav Abroskin. In February, he described the brutal detention of thieves “Nodar” and “Poluzvir” (Andrii Immanali). But by a strange coincidence, he forgot to mention the persons with whom the Russian visitors spent their leisure time in the Ukrainian capital. They are whispered about by the Special Investigators of the Strategic Investigation Department, who actually carried out the implementation that day.

In particular, they are known: then Abroskin "dropped" the names of the helmsman of the Union of Armenians of Ukraine, ex-People's Deputy Vilen Shatvorian from the police report. Rumor has it that the latter, by virtue of friendly relations, just gave patronage and "green light" in Ukraine to "Nodar Rustavi".

As for the fourth person at the table in “Caravan”, the head of the Metropolitan Department of the State Migration Service, Vyacheslav Huz, immediately after the detention of "Poluzvir" and "Nodar", an official from a credible "thieves" handbook turned into a person who facilitated their exposure.

Another participant in the events of October 12 is a native of Tbilisi, Serhii Glonti ("Huga"), who was crowned back in 1995 while in a Moscow detention center on suspicion of abduction of a Georgian businessman, Patarai.

According to information in narrow circles, the corresponding "submission" to the representatives of the criminal world at that time was made by "thief in law" David Kakulia ("Dato Tbilisi"), with whom "Huga" was detained in one case. And it was allegedly supported by "thieves" nicknamed "Yakutionok" (Mykola Zykov) and "Dato Tashkent" (Datiko Tsikhelashvili).

Serhii Glonti (left) with Levan Kedia

In July 1997, a verdict in the Khoroshev Court of Moscow sentenced Glonti and Kakulia to five years' imprisonment. After serving his sentence, Huga moved to Odessa, where he continued his activities in criminal areas. At the same time, neither his past nor his "respectful" status in the criminal world, which presupposes the absence of any relationship with the authorities, prevented him from obtaining permits for the storage of traumatic and rifle firearms.

In the future, at the request of Hungarian law enforcement officers, Huga was wanted by Interpol, but bureaucratic obstacles in the absence of any document issued by the competent authorities of Ukraine or Georgia did not allow for some time to detain Glonti for prosecution in an official manner. This epic ended with a still-secret story of "help" from the unknown Robin Hoods from the Security service of Ukraine, which left Glonti crossing the border and imprisoned by Hungary.

Having served his sentence there, "Huga" did not return to Ukraine, and decided to find a new place to realize their own criminal abilities in the territory of the European Union. He was using the connections of his countryman and a friend who holds a high position in the Czech law enforcement system.

In particular, it is now known - Glonti has already obtained a residence permit in the homeland of world-renowned writer Yaroslav Hasek. But at the same time, he paid some attention to Ukraine as well. In particular, in the domestic criminal environment, he claimed that allegedly "by the efforts" of "Huga" a year ago, law enforcement officers detained the former vice-president of the Kyiv Boxing Federation Mykola Shchur, who was "authoritative" in certain circles. The latter's lawyer then told reporters that he saw an attempt to take away Shchur’s business at the Metrograd shopping center. In particular, after Shchur was imprisoned, his civilian wife, model Snizhana Onopka, was visited by some persons from the Glonti group with such offers.

And Shchur himself, being in a detention center on Dihtiarivska Street, did not limit himself in his statements, stating directly that the militiamen put him into trouble because of Huga’s insidiousness and material interest.

By the way, this is not the only episode of some sort of "thief" relationship with security forces. At the disposal of Detective-Info was an eloquent document signed by Glonti. It is not known exactly why he made it, but having done so, Hugo did not adhere to a strict "thievery ban" to conclude any agreements with law enforcement.

The warranty, which Huga gave to law enforcement officers

Much less established information about the next participant of the fight in the apartments of a luxury hotel on October 12 - a native of Tbilisi, David Ozmanov, nicknamed "Dato Krasnodarskyi". It is known that this "thief" can boast of a large number of "crowned" relatives, which is in fact how he has acquired a "respectful status" in the criminal world.

David Ozmanov ("Dato Krasnodarskyi")

Unlike other "crime drama heroes" in Fairmont, Ozmanov's biography does not contain any "heroic" or selfless acts, with the exception of a few so-called "preventive detentions" in Moscow.

A separate open-ended question about the Dato Krasnodarskyi is his conflict with the representatives of the Tariel Onani clan ("Taro"), culminating in the beating and stabbing of Ozmanov in the Netherlands. By the way, Dato Krasnodarskyi has not resolved the disputes with his offenders by this time. But through acquaintance with the Dnipro "thief in law" Serhii Oliinyk - he moved to Ukraine.

In fact, Oliinyk, known by the nickname "Umka", was actually born in the Zaporozhye region and only later settled in the Dnipro. He did not become famous for his traditional criminal "talents", and in his early years he became famous for his ardent efforts to become a professional athlete.

Serhii Oliinyk ("Umka Dniprovskiy")

Unfortunately, by this time the '90s storms had hit, when a significant number of boxers, fighters and karate players have retrained to be the scavengers and racketeers. Oliinyk, who joined one of the criminal groups of the Dnipro, which aimed at "raiding" the entrepreneurs, did this as well.

It was then that the future "thief" "Umka" first appeared in the field of view of law enforcement. But, as a true athlete, Oliinyk did not run away having looked at the people in uniform, and on the contrary – beat them up. Such is the case of hard bodily harm of the chief of the October regional department of militia in Dnipro Eduard Huzienko was recorded on the night of March 8, 2007 near the “Bilyi royal” casino.

Officially in the Ministry of Internal Affairs then reported: Huzienko allegedly visited the gambling institution, trying to check the service of his subordinates. Oliinyk was wanted on the fact of the beating of the militiaman, but subsequently the case was closed due to lack of evidence and refusal of Huzienko from initial testimony.

It is plausible that it was after this that Oliinyk became so involved in the theme of "criminal" romance that he set himself the goal of joining the group of "privileged" criminals. It is rumored that for this purpose Serhii’s influential patrons addressed the well-known in the narrow circles of Odessa elderly, but influencial "thief" Volodymyr Dribniy ("Poltava"). They voiced an offer that could not be refused, quoting the hero of the iconic movie "The Godfather".

As if this had worked, Poltava, not paying much attention to the observance of the unwritten laws of the criminal world, agreed to help fulfill the dream of a former athlete. For this purpose it was reported to "status" persons from the Russian Federation, who bowed to the authority of the petty and clung to his "recommendations".

As a result, on February 11, 2014, at one of the restaurants of the Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace in St. Petersburg, under the exclamations of Russian "thieves in law", Andrei Miroedov ("Mirich") and Ali Haydarov ("Albert Hiandzhinsky") Umka received the title of King of the criminal world in coordination with the "Ukrainian" criminal kings - "Nedelia", "Liora" and "Sharik".

However, even after moving to the "new world", Oliinyk did not stop ... active civic activity in Dnipro. In particular, he created and currently maintains a wrestling club named “Vedmid”. Much attention in the activities of this organization is devoted to the development and education of youth.

This is evidenced by information from books printed in the Dnieper and data from open sources.

Finally, it would be unfair not to tell about the significant events of the life path of Yurii Yerynyak, who bears the nickname "Moldovan". After his time in the ranks of the Armed Forces, this gentleman began his career as a modest tractor driver at the Beltsy city in Moldova. Later, after the Transdnistrian conflict began, he moved to the Crimea.

Representatives of Bashmaky criminal group

It was on the peninsula that fate brought Yeryniak, who decided to engage in passenger transportation, with the leaders of the influential Bashmaky criminal group. This opened up an “opportunity” for Moldovan’s business, where the seemingly "white business" was mixed with some dark stories. In particular, in the late 90's Yurii Hryhorovych was on the state wanted list for almost a year on suspicion of committing a property crime. And in the mid-2000s, he was reported by Kyiv law enforcement as suspected of committing another offense.

However, throughout Ukraine the name "Moldovan" thundered after another high-profile event. It is about the kidnapping of Oleh Seminskyi, chairman of the “Naftogazvydobuvannia” Oil and Gas Production Company Board in February 2012. The manager was found three years later, and today he was elected to the ranks of the Verkhovna Rada of the 9th convocation by the “Sluha Narodu” Party.

Yurii Yerinyak (“Moldovan”)

As for his case, Yerynyak and his associates (in particular, the authoritative in certain circles Rafail Salavatov nicknamed "Salavat", as well as the manager of the Handball Federation of Ukraine Andrii Melnyk, known in certain circles as "Dlinnyi"), were considered by the Seminskyi and law enforcement officers to be abductors. But the indictment, or even the suspicion of Moldovan, was never served.

Unofficially, the law enforcement authorities indicate that they were involved in cooperation during the active search actions in the case of Moldavia. Because of this, certain representatives of the already "underworld", including Melnyk, have experienced significant differences in the behavior and value of Yerynyak’s words.

Conflict between Yurii Yeryniak and Head of the Handball Federation of Ukraine Andrii Melnyk, October 2018

However, this did not prevent the organizers of the meetings at the 1016 Fairmont Hotel in their claims to Niedzielskyi to rely, among other things, on the words of his godfather "Moldovan" ...

Time will tell what will become the final finale of the "crime drama" that unfolded in the middle of Oleh Bakinskyi daughter’s wedding. So far, it has to be stated that this conflict is unlikely to contribute to the establishment and stabilization of the criminogenic situation in Ukraine's military conflict. Yes, it can open up a true Pandora's Box when the streets of native cities turn into the infamous Chicago of the 1930s and the arena of exploring relationships between asocial elements. What has already been witnessed by the tragic events of the bloody shootout that took place in Kharkov on October 25.

This risk is even higher, especially given the fact that today the former high-ranking police officer, General Abroskin is openly clinging to one side of the "criminal controversy". Although not long ago, he occupied a position whose function was not to imitate the "pressing issues" of individual professional criminals, "to place crosses on schemes", but to work hard to ensure that there were no "thieves in law" in our country.

However, now the ex-deputy steering officer of the National Police, it seems, is not even going to stop. On the evening of October 25, the general made a kind of coming-out on his Facebook page, thinking that for more than 25 years he had been "running after criminals around the world, but fewer were missing, and their crimes were even worse."

However, even such a confession in his own "Pyrrhic victory" in the field of counteraction to organized crime did not lead Abroskin to seemingly logical conclusions. The day before he added more oil to the fire when he predicted that, given the recent political events in Ukraine, he was predicting a whirlwind of bloody events in the criminal world of the state.

"Weapons and explosive devices will not do without, not only criminals, but also random citizens will be killed," Abroskin noted.

Noting this, he returned to the history of the "thieves in law" conflict that occurred on October 12 at the Fairmont Hotel for the third time (!) in the last couple of weeks. Initially, he predicted that the situation at the wedding by Yuri Yeriniak "could cost him his own life with the subsequent redistribution of his legal and shadow business."

Afterwards, Vyacheslav seemed to have gone silent having added - "Niedielia" turned out to be not so “discrowned” after all in his estimation of the expert of the laws of existence of the world of crime.

"There is also a kind of appeal in the criminal world: for this he needs to gather influential lawyers who would listen to his explanation, as well as the three" thieves "involved in his beating – “Umka”, ”Nodar Rustavskyi”,”Dato”, who must justify their actions, " Abroskin wrote.

The General seems to be referring to the so-called "gathering" that is currently planned with the participation of all the participants of the events of October 12 and other "authoritative" leaders of the criminal world. In a strange way, the circle of large-scale criminal-theatrical staging eventually closed in on the one who had heated up the scandal from the beginning ...

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Ширінька брюк допомогла екс-начальнику поліції Запорізької області скасувати "адмінку" за наслідками його п'яних пригод у Києві 11.10.2020
Авторитетного бізнесмена "Олега Бакінського" потурбували через стрілянину його сина-розбишаки 09.10.2020
Кримінальний авторитет "Кип'яток", якого поранив кілер на Одещині, фігурує в справі про вибухи гранат на подвір'ї директора Ренійського елеватора 06.10.2020
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